Chef Jose Andres, who fed Puerto Rico after hurricanes, slams Trump

Chef Jose Andres has some selection phrases for President Donald Trump.

The president on Thursday rejected the professional dying toll from hurricanes that slammed Puerto Rico final fall. With out proof, he blamed Democrats for grossly inflating the tally.

Andres, who traveled to Puerto Rico to assist the ones at the island in a while after Typhoon Maria hit, instructed CNBC on Thursday, “That is insane.”

“No one will have to be proud,” he mentioned on “Energy Lunch.”

“We will have to be honoring the ones other people, the ones women and men, that died. What’s astonishing to me is 12 months later we’re nonetheless speaking about this,” he added.

Trump made his feedback Thursday morning on Twitter, announcing “3000 other people didn’t die within the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico.”

In August, the Puerto Rican govt raised the professional dying depend dramatically to two,975, after keeping up for months that best 64 other people had died because of Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

Andres mentioned this will have to had been identified a very long time in the past.

“If we knew formally that there have been such a lot of deaths, the whole weight of the government shall be there in Puerto Rico ensuring that we will be able to assist the ones American other people within the Caribbean,” he mentioned.

The chef, who has 31 eating places in North The united states and the Caribbean, arrived on Puerto Rico 5 days after Typhoon Maria hit and temporarily arrange store to get meals to these affected. He labored with International Central Kitchen and 20,000 volunteers, staying more or less 3 months and serving about three million foods.

“If I used to be in a position to understand how many foods I used to be serving on a daily basis, if I knew what number of volunteers I had, if I knew what number of kitchens I had, … if a bit of NGO [non-governmental organization] that used to be now not intended to be there used to be in a position to understand all of that, how is it conceivable the government and the federal government of Puerto Rico had been clueless on the actual choice of deaths? The ones questions wish to be spoke back.”

Previous within the day, he slammed Trump on Twitter.

Andres has now written a memoir about his time in Puerto Rico, referred to as “We Fed an Island.” He gained the James Beard Humanitarian of the 12 months award for his paintings in Puerto Rico and has been two times named in Time Mag’s “100 Maximum Influential Other folks.”

— CNBC’s Kevin Breuninger and AJ Vielma contributed to this document.

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